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Norbar Hand Torque Wrenches


Product Description

Professional Ratchet Type

Norbar’s core range of torque wrenches contain the most popular and widest, variety of models that are suitable for almost every application. The range has been developed over a 60 year period, ensuring that no aspect of design, manufacture or material has been left to chance. The reading accuracy of +/- 3% exceeds all international standards for torque wrenches and the locking mechanism prevents any accidental adjustments that may occur during operation. The product works at up to 400 Nm and 300 lb/ft.

Industrial Torque Wrenches

The robust construction of this product gives accurate results of +/- 4%, even in arduous working conditions.  Every wrench is supplied with a calibration certificate. The large break angle improves accuracy by reducing the possibility of over torquing. Cam control of the mechanism gives a controlled break, which allows the operator to focus. A torque handle with a 22mm spigot is available (Model 4th), allowing it to be used with various fittings. This tool functions at up to 1500 Nm and 1000 lb/ft.

Features & Benefits

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