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Product Description

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The High Performance Bolting Lubricant

Pro-Copper is a high temperature, anti-seize compound used to prevent seizure and galling during assembly even in the harshest pressure and temperature environments resulting in reduced assembly time. It also protects against rust, oxidisation and chemical attack.

The unique combination of properties in Pro-Copper allows for the quick and easy assembly of threaded parts which also allows for accurate torque to be applied by reducing thread interference.

Pro-Copper is suitable as an anti-seize lubricant for a wide range of aggressive conditions including application to pipe fittings and valves in the chemical and petrochemical industry, gas refining and oil drilling equipment. It also reduces wear in areas of high friction resulting in the easy breakout of threads, gaskets and packings.

Due to its seizure protection qualities, maintenance work requiring routine or infrequent assembly and dismantling is made much easier and less costly.

Features & Benefits

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